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The Position-Chess Instructor.

The chess instructor provides chess instruction to the students of the Max's Champions. Several levels of instruction are offered depending on the skills and experience of the students. The curriculum includes the rules of international chess, the history of chess, and instruction on strategy and technique. The rules of International chess are taught and explained to students. The students also learn about the most important chess leagues and chess tournaments. Regarding the history of chess, Mr. Maksimovic presents the history of chess to students by discussing and explaining important games of the world's greatest chess masters. The instruction on chess strategy and technique includes the opening theory, middle game planning and the end game. High importance is also placed on the need to think logically, to plan a course of action and carry it out and to take responsibility for one's decisions.
The chess instructor is also responsible for tournaments. He organizes and manages school chess tournaments and will train students to perform in local, regional, state and national chess tournaments. In the last two years our insrtuctor has conducted United States Chess Federation tournaments for our students and made these tournaments open to the wider community. Our last tournament had one hundred and forty participants, the most ever. The instructor is also be required to play in regional and national tournaments as a faculty member of the school in order to promote the school's chess programs. In addition to hands-on coaching, he choses training materials including written texts and chess computer software and instructs students in their use. The duties of the position also include administrative duties such as developing the budget for the class, grading and testing students, working with parents' organizations.

The Beneficiary.

Dejan Maksimovic is an international Chess Master highly ranked in the world and has been recognized by the best in his field for his excellence in both chess playing and especially chess teaching. Mr. Maksimovic is a citizen of Serbia, which along with Russia, has the best chess players in the world. In Serbian chess is considered a national sport, and has highly competitive professional chess leagues. Mr. Maksimovic is a member of the prestigious Gosa Chess Club of Smederevska Palanka, which has been in the First Federal League (the most advanced league in the country) of the Chess Federation of Serbia for over 70 years.
Dejan Maksimovic has been playing chess all his life. As a nine year old boy, he began winning local tournaments and at the age often he placed second at the prestigious Pioneer's Chess Tournament of Serbia. Since then his career has been marked by wins and high results in both national Serbian tournaments as well as international tournaments.
Mr. Maksimovic has presented an exceptional ability in chess playing and teaching. He has been granted the title of an International Chess Master by FIDE (Federation Internationale Des Echecs, the World Chess Federation). Several Grand Masters, the highest level of experts in the field of chess, have attested to his ability to play and teach chess at an exceptional level. His excellent results at Serbian and international tournaments speak for themselves. During his stay in the United States, his top finishes in regional tournaments, including the Illinois Open and Midwest Masters Championship, has resulted in his being considered to be one of the top five players in the entire Midwest.
Few chess masters become excellent chess instructors. Mr. Maksimovic is one of the few. He is renowned for his teaching abilities. The Grand Masters recognize him for his excellence in teaching young students. He had the privilege of being selected to be a coach for the Gosa Chess Club, one of the best teaching chess clubs in the world. His gift to communicate the intricacies of chess is very rare and internationally recognized. He has a special rapport with young students. They quickly develop and excel under his care and instruction. His extraordinary playing and coaching skills have also been notice in the United States. Both the U.S. Chess Federation and the Illinois Chess Association recognize Mr. Maksimovic for his extraordinary ability in chess instruction. Both organizations strongly support this petition because they believe that his work as a chess instructor in the Midwest has greatly contributed to the promotion of chess among the youth, and will raise the competitive level of Midwest chess.


Timoty Duax, Prinicipal of MacDowell Montessori Scool

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